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Revenue and Growth for Your Podcast

Finally! Get Revenue and Growth for Your Podcast!

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PodDivvy provides three ways to increase downloads.

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What is PodDivvy?

PodDivvy helps quality, pre-HUGE podcasts succeed by providing revenue and download growth. In recent years, mainstream media entered the podcasting sphere using self-promotion and deep pockets to try to kick independent media to the curb.  But more than 95% of the podcasts are pre-HUGE with dedicated listeners. Advertisers are missing out on a VAST market of listeners to promote their brands. Podcasts are fighting for revenue and growth.

PodDivvy is leveling the field by helping independent media promote their shows and get ad revenue NOW.

Only bad shows should podfade. Promote your great show!


Do you know there are over one million podcasts?

Podcasts need two things in addition to great hosts and content to survive.  They need revenue and downloads, which regretfully, great hosts and content do not guarantee.

PodDivvy empowers your one-in-a-million to rise to the top.

It is all about ad revenue and brand promotion NOW for pre-HUGE podcasts.

Generate Revenue Today

Get revenue by running ads right away. Only run ads you like for your podcast.

We Make the Connections.

Our progressive cross-promotional ads assure parity of exposure with similar (but different enough) podcast partners. Be heard on hundreds of other shows.

Advertise with Us

PodDivvy is your one stop shop to plug into the powerful media of podcasts. PodDivvy makes it easy. Reach your people for less than you might think! 


We scale your campaign to align with your budget.


Guaranteed downloads. Get what you pay for and more.


Podcast ads are heard rather than ignored like banner ads or skipped by channel surfing like radio.

Market Penetration

Listeners and podcast hosts develop a trust relationship making your outreach much more effective.

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